Crazy Angel

Chair with the Wings of a Vulture ~ Salvador Dali

Chair with the Wings of a Vulture ~ Salvador Dali


Orbs in rows
shine hallelujahs
as the crazy angel
spreads vulture wings
above strait jacket spoons
that nail her to the wall.

Her restricted thoughts radiate
like spokes in a tireless wheel,
a beautiful nimbus flowing
beneath the cross of Jesus.

A nautilus shell
spins circles beneath stories,
and the crazy angel wonders
why she never bleeds.

Brenda Warren 2014

Thank you to Salvador Dali, Tess Kincaid, and The Mag for ekphrastic inspiration.

12 thoughts on “Crazy Angel

  1. “…and the crazy angel wonders why she never bleeds.” I relate to that and will never forget this line. The piece as a whole is wonderful but this line stays with me.


  2. Ooh…how very Dali-ish, I think he would love what you’ve managed to do with his “winged chair”…funny how quickly we both went to angels. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. It’s been awhile since I’ve found time to do either the Whirl or the Mag…


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