his broken words
arise in waves like blackbirds
flocking over hedgerows

denying light its wings
he speaks freedom
like a tripwire

eyes turn skyward
as screeching syllables see
life’s moments explode

scattering black feathers
a veritable night

Brenda Warren 2014


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23 thoughts on “trapped

  1. Electric! I have had some red-wing black birds visit my bird feeder. I can only wonder if I shall ever find one of their red feathers.

    I wonder though if birds have a sixth sense to stay away from exposed lines? 🙂


  2. I suppose the best way to read this is to absorb the title “Trapped” the the words are then much more relevant and scary. How can I get out of here? Excellent.


  3. This hit the pit of my stomach as I read the loss of writing, the loss of poetry, into it… Extremely powerful and very scary! Beautiful!


  4. I don’t like those words he uses as a trip wire..i think if we look in our shadows we would know such a so finely capture the sense of being trapped..


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