Chasing Facebook

Cloak life in blue butterflies.
Pursue it like Venus,
wild, sometimes cruel.

Love it to addiction,
built inside screens of light,
a beloved prison
a kaleidoscopic lens
to skirt the real world.

Hovering digital spies parse through social media.
Algorithms search for a marketing niche.
Everything on Facebook is colored with sidebars of cash
proclaiming gods of commerce supreme.
Keep clicking.
Keep coming back.
Search for goods.

It’s almost Christmastime.


The person who dies with the most toys,
still stops breathing.

Brenda Warren 2013


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21 thoughts on “Chasing Facebook

  1. Love to addiction, that is just about right, Brenda. I am sorry for the late visit, I am fighting the flu again. However, it is almost vacation time and I really need it. Well done and it is nice to see you back with us, you have been missed, my friend.



  2. Clever write Brenda – didn’t expect the turn at all. But it isn’t a turn but a removal of the gloss. And those ‘Hovering digital spies’ do so worry me – look at something somewhere and even on ‘professional’ sites I subscribe to, there it is, an ad for the fluffy jumper I viewed some ten minutes ago.
    Love ‘The person who dies with the most toys,still stops breathing.’ – a perfect close!
    Anna :o]


  3. Oops! Brenda, your piece made so much sense. I also attacked the words from that angle but much more darkly and Christmas didn’t even get a mention. It is so easy to become the Christmas Grinch isn’t it?


  4. Brilliant take on the words, Brenda! “Cloak life in blue butterflies,” is wonderful. And I love: “a beloved prison that becomes
    a kaleidoscopic lens
    to skirt the real world.”

    Sending you warm Christmas greetings. Many thanks for all you do to keep the Whirl going! xox


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