Hopper Doodle Doo is Dying

Wagging his tail weakly,
when I walk through the door,
he lifts his head and lowers it.

I ease my body next to his,
as his breathing shallows
and I know, Hopper
is approaching the threshold
of “the other side”

You know,
rainbow bridge, that crap.

He entered our life
through a flyer
offering a deaf dog—
right after Thyra asked for one.
Kismet. Fate. Happenstance. Luck.
Hopper. Dennis. A dog who jumps.

Tonight he lies
dying by my side,
while Piggy, deaf,
cognitively impaired,
and significantly low vision,
whines and circles Hopper.

Feeling his compass fade
Piggy’s herding instinct falters
and he throws himself to the ground
in wait.

His anxiety is palpable.

How will each of us fill that space
Hopper’s emptiness creates?

Brenda Warren 2013

So we wait. I love my boy, rubbing his shoulder and his belly. His eyes tell me he’s traveling somewhere else.

18 thoughts on “Hopper Doodle Doo is Dying

  1. Losing any family member is disheartening. While some replace the loss quickly…some like our family…do not/did not. And I miss her still… May your memories be for blessings.


  2. the love between you and your companions are palpable. One of my strongest memories are from when my old cat died – we were going to put her down the next day, and the last day she lived she lay beside my legs and i could follow her slowly withdrawing, just as you do now – it felt like grace, witnessing it – and also reminded me that we can loose bodies, but never”them” –
    thanks you for sharing, and for the dog-poem – theres so much love here – so much


    • Thank you Lee. My animals are more important to me than most people are….and yes, that feeling of grace comes and goes right now. He’s here, then there….a shifting of space. Your support is heartfelt, and appreciated.


    • We went outside together at 2 a.m. He peed, and I carried him back inside. He’s still here this morning. We have some good memories. Hopper fell through the ice in a creek once, and my dad saved his life, then went through himself. It was only chest deep on Dad, though, while cold, they both survived. 🙂


  3. Here I was expecting a happy poem by the title, Brenda. I am so damn sorry for this happening in your life right now. We love our pets and when they leave us, it is crushing. I am sending big hugs to you my friend.



    • Thank you Pamela. Your hugs feel warm. Hopper is still here, and may linger for a few days. He hasn’t eaten, but seems content. It’s a passage, and I’m observing. I’m so glad it is a weekend.


  4. Brenda, this is never easy. I feel for you and yours. Mac was my only emotional support for several years and when he passed, I was lost. He seemed to know that and came back a few times, nudging my chair, clinking his tags, loving and giving even though gone. My thoughts are with you,



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