Words are bullets.

Letters, spit by storm clouds, fill puddles,
inhaled alphabet soup, garlicky red,
dimming Count Dracula’s Transylvanian charm
as graphemes drip from his fangs.

He turns his eyes toward Beethoven’s fifth,
it bloody well always grabs him by the throat,
catching his breath in the snow where
the untenable touch of a thousand tomorrows
echoes blood’s thunderous pulsing
as he walks into the light of day.

Chuck watches,
hoping immortality will one day be hers.

Once his ontogeny recapitulates its phylogeny,
she will chop off his head.

The dish runs away with the spoon,
splashing through red graphemes,
while Chuck shoots words
at morning’s fading moon.

Stepping in front of the Count,
her words ricochet back in
garlicky red puddles
uttering messages,
dressing April in words.

Brenda Warren 2013

Weird. It came from an aside Miz Quickly offered up during NaPo. It was stranger than it is now before I tweaked it away from the prompt a bit. If you check out the prompt, you might get an idea where this came from, but I’ve butchered its beginnings. This was a fun one. If you’re stuck, give it a try. Come back to it later… Tweak the bugger.

It’s funny.  The entire piece started with a metaphor.  Words are bullets.  I chose it to reflect the cover of Billy Collins book, Ballistics.


Caw! to Miz Quickly for being there last month. The prompts you provided wove their way through me to undercaws.  Caw!

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