it springs forth with a first

Disguised in happiness,
April’s dense blooming words
blow over winter’s white illusions,
as hundreds of images
flicker tales chiller than
the underside of snow’s
shivering soul.

Phantom blooms waltz links
between screens as words
spill into cracks
caulking chasms
with prehensile roots,
quivering tentacles,
that tease spring eternal.

Brenda Warren 2013


Process Notes: Inspiration comes in many forms. Today’s prompt is a combination of the first official NaPoWriMo prompt, and a prompt from Miz Quickly’s Impromptu Poetry Month hosted by Tennessee poet Barbara Yates Young.  I think that’s Miz Quickly in her airplane flying by to check things out.

The NaPo folks asked that we start our piece with the first line from another poet’s work. The initial phrase in this piece is from Pamela Kaler Sayer’s work, In Simple Hue. Miz Quickly asked that we come up with seven words and use at least five of them in a poem. My seven words were hundred, month, blooming, dense, blow, tale, and link. I did not use month.

Is this poem nonsense? Of course it is (no it is most definitely not). Yes, it is.  Miz Quickly appreciates stuff like that.

11 thoughts on “it springs forth with a first

  1. come on spring eternal….finally we have no snow and it was a comfortable 63 today…wicked wind tonight though….disguised in happiness sets this off in a real interesting way…been a weird spring here so far….


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