Slithering Cycles

Python’s sheathing comes undone
leaving a rustling explosion of crust
dancing in the breeze beneath Willow’s
arching limbs.

Into its future, Python shimmers,
charmed by its own mending.

The snake’s waking hunger
side winds stories of fevered piercings
feared by all Small Things.

Teeth to tunnel,
unbearable and paralyzing.
Anguish feeds the serpent
as brittle boned rodents implode under pressure
sending their secrets seething into the belly of the beast.

Chipmunk Wizards chant about renewal and growth
while lining the den’s opening with Python’s shed skin.

Brenda Warren 2012

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23 thoughts on “Slithering Cycles

  1. EEK — I have this thing about snakes…and your title nearly sent ME slithering away…yet I read anyway. 😉 Very nicely-told tale!! I also loved the “teeth to tunnel” reference. 🙂


  2. Oooo…. sizzling read. Isn’t it amazing how they totally shed their skin too! I saw an image on Google of a Python swallowing a whole sheep. Yikes! Now in Florida they’re finding 20 foot rattle snakes and such.. double yikes. Bet those are happy Chipmunks though.
    Really enjoyed this gripping and, very vivid read Brenda 🙂


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