Not without My Cows

Suffering silence, Batman!
How can I live through the shaken blessings
that reign down on my life?

“Not without my cows!”
I scream into rugged faces
fierce with de-fences

chiseled from marble.
Not without my cows.
Warriors to grace,

their remote splendor
blossoms on the roadsides
that dot the days of my life.


Brenda Warren 2012

For The Sunday Whirl.

24 thoughts on “Not without My Cows

  1. A wonderful piece! It reminds me of a story about Buda. He was in the forest with his students. And suddenly a man came and asked if anyone had seen his cows. He lamented about their loss, said he could not go on. After he left, Buda said, “Now, aren’t you glad you have no cows?” Thanks Brenda.


  2. I haven’t read the poem yet. Wanted to share my hysteria at the title… okay, the poem is just as fun. I was afraid it would be somber and I would have to renege on the hysteria. I suspect the phrase will follow me for awhile. I’ll be washing dishes and my brain will scream: Not without my cows!

    Love the new header photograph. It’s gorgeous.


    • Thanks Margo! For me, there is a tad bit of darkness in this piece, but when the “not without my cows” line screamed its presence, it made me laugh out loud. I’m glad you liked it.

      I like the header photo, too. Thanks. So glad you are back with us this week. 🙂


  3. Haha… not without my cows.. suffering silence Batman… LOL I was immediately taken back to the Adam West Batman series on TV in the 60’s…When they were hitting and fighting, the cartoon words would appear…like Pow…and Bam…and such… and Robin would keep saying ‘Holy cow’
    Very fun read 🙂


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