Time ricochets by
then teases memory
like lace in the cleavage
of curvaceous desire.
Dazzling lifetimes dwindle
into invisible moments,
lines on maps,
warped and inaccessible.
A plunge of memories
spins a narrow passageway.
Dark and enticing
it pulsates with yesterday’s
untouchable tales
shrouded by the mystery of lace
deep within an alcove of unreachable desire.

Brenda Warren 2012

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33 thoughts on “unreachable

  1. Enticing image – This is written so well I can see the image I would photograph for this. Seductive, yet tastefully done. I really love this piece!


  2. Wow, Brenda….this resonates with me. Time does so much seem to ricochet by. Faster and faster as the years go on.. Lifetimes DO dwindle into invisible moments, and sometimes I wonder if that is what is going on with me. Sometimes I feel very invisible; and sometimes this is okay…but not always. I love the ‘plunge of memories.’ That is one thing that makes life good, doesn’t it?? Though I haven’t wordled this week, and if you want to visit a poem I wrote yesterday that I really like, here it is:


    I will try to wordle again next week. My muse has been rebellious, but I am working on that.


    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Mary. I’m glad my piece resonated with you. My muse has been a bit touchy herself lately, but then I’ve been giving her space, too (you can read summer relaxation into that…). I’m heading to your place now.


    • The words did generate similar themes for many of us this week. Of course, you always take us someplace unique and interesting.

      And yeah…I’m the one who will forget where she put the paper. LoL


  3. I’ve only read a handful, but it is interesting how these words are sending so many on a path of memories. Perhaps the word “past” is triggering the word association with “memory.”

    And you’re right — two weeks in a row. 😉


  4. ‘A plunge of memories’… Hmmm.
    ‘Dark and enticing
    it pulsates with yesterday’s
    untouchable tales’
    This is a lovely read Brenda, sensual in some way that maybe has some more deep hidden meaning, perhaps.
    Really enjoyed it.


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