Lake Vermilion Vacation

for Len

Missing link
No honeymoon
No one-on-one
Sans kid, sans time

Marrow to marrow
Bow to stern
Under stars, under moon

You navigate me
I navigate you
Loons pitch calls across the bay
Ululating in the wake of our sway

Sink me tender
Make me swoon
Administer triage
Swathe life’s wounds

Missing link connected
We climb on deck
Railed toward home
Anchored in each other’s port

Brenda Warren 2012

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17 thoughts on “Lake Vermilion Vacation

  1. For our 25 several years ago we finally had a really nice week – just the two of us in Maui. Hope you recharged your batteries! Best to you and yours. I hope your guy knows just how lucky he is!
    Thanks for your visit. I’ve had family matters to attend, and sinus issues the last couple of days. But I got the new list and a new piece just waiting for tomorrow… Either you make these lists just for me or I just make them work 🙂 Thanks.


    • Congrats Margo! I’m happy that you like this piece. We celebrated our 8th anniversary on the boat. Both of us had previous marriages, and combined families. This really was our first significant vacation without the kids. Fun!


  2. Welcome home andddd… this is so beautiful. All of it. It’s soft and gentle, sensual ‘You navigate me, I navigate you’ and yes, ululating is a fabulous word to roll across the tongue. I want to say that the last two stanzas are my favourite but, it wouldn’t be correct because I do love them all.
    The time away did you good, and thanks for your comment. 🙂


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