river dream

The river’s tumbling current
pulls me deep into a turbulent dream
where I snatch glimpses of a girl
snagged on branches
like so much debris.

I wake trembling,
disconcerted by the river
eating children in my dreams.
Its growing appetite
swallows spring.

Brenda Warren 2012

NaPoWriMo Day 14
14 poems in 14 days. 16 more to come.

7 thoughts on “river dream

    • Thank you, Pamela. I had a hard time pulling something out today, so was glad when this idea sprung up. Last year’s wet was so intense. Every morning, I distrust the bridge I cross. There are four bridges that I can choose from to get to school, but I distrust them all. LoL


  1. Tumbling is such a good word, Brenda! I used it in my poem, too! It seems you have been super busy, again, but have managed to get the wordle words out and write your NaPo poems, on top of everything else. Not sure how you do it. You inspire me.

    Some years, the rivers here (Mississippi & Minnesota) have huge appetites, eating everything in their paths. But not this year. We are in a serious drought. Your metaphor is wonderful.


    • Thank you, Marianne. This is more from memory of last spring’s rain. I’d never seen the river so full. Len and I went and stood as close to below the dam as you can…it was frightening. The power was so intense. This year, we’ve already had some big grass fires in the region. It could be a rough one. Maybe we’ll have another wet spring, yet. Snow and rain are in the forecast off and on all week.

      The Whirl is a commitment I made to myself. It’s been good for me. It’s deepened my relationships with poets like you, and the others who come around often. This fills me up with goodness. It’s my pleasure.


    • Thanks K. I’m glad you like it. The Missouri River flows through my city of Great Falls, Montana. Every year someone drowns in the Missouri or the Sun River. This year they aren’t so big, but last year they were fierce.


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