in harmony

Her sweet flexible voice
animates the air,
exchanging silence for glory.
Flushing grouse from fields of sagebrush,
her energy rises richer than the horned owl’s call.

A young fox flames through the field—
its breath yaps a cogent beat
until their forceful voices blend.

Fox and Girl.

During a dramatic pause
they glance at one another,
then sing out the morning
as branches push buds open green,
and soft breezes carry hints of sage
to trick her into thinking
that spring is really here—
unaware that next week’s snow
will break branches with its wet heavy depth.

She shifts into a minor key
following the breezes,
while fox gathers food for the storm.

Brenda Warren 2012

NaPoWriMo 15
We’re halfway there–15 out of 30 poems are complete at undercaws. Caw! Caw!

For this piece, I pictured a young woman who auditioned for my school’s variety show, singing outside over a Montana field in the spring.  This girl’s voice is distinct, it spoke to me on a physical level, like being outside in open places does. The snow imagery came as we’re expecting sporadic snow here over the next several days.  It can devastate leafy branches, as the leaves provide a foundation for heavy snow. Snap!  Most springs here, there is at least one storm that leaves (no pun intendend) branches scattered in the streets.

This piece marks 52 pieces for my prompt blog, The Sunday Whirl. I’m proud of the community there, and our persistence in chasing words.

38 thoughts on “in harmony

  1. Like the strong sense of connectiveness that allows freedom of movement and being. I didn’t pay much attention to the wordle words, you weilded them well. And I agree: they do seem to find their own path. We are so lucky when they do. Happy Anniversary.



  2. Such is the harmony of life; the opposites,-a carefree girl and careful fox , are blended seamlessly, into a great write. Stay warm.


  3. I love your pairing of the fox and the girl, and how they “sing out the morning” together. What a beautiful image. Gorgeous writing in your first stanza. And I know about those wet snowstorms that can snap the branches off the trees. Snow is predicted here tomorrow after a humid 72 degrees today.
    Half-way feels good, doesn’t it?


    • Yes, it does half-way feel good. I used one of the prompts you linked for my piece tomorrow. It’s still going through edits. Thanks so much for that link.

      The snow is melted from everything now, and it’s ceased. More is forecast for tomorrow. You probably get ours. 🙂


  4. I really like the relationship between the fox and the girl and the sharing of the song. And in the end, she shifts to a minor key and the fox gathers food so they are both not truly tricked! Wonderful!


  5. I really liked your poem, everything about it: the initial ‘suspense’ – who is “she?” the “flaming fox,” all the beautiful words and images, the two forces blending into one and succumbing to yet another – stronger than them both. I enjoyed reading it very much.


  6. Brenda, this is just beautiful. I love the shift, and how both the girl and fox react to it – that spring is really not quite here. Didn’t notice a single wordle word – they were incorporated so smoothly. A delightful read.

    And thank you for all the wordles. You truly inspire.



    • Thank you, Richard. I appreciate your insight into the shift, that’s what I was shooting for. It’s normal in Montana. Every year I sit here and write about the same thing. It would be fun to spend an April writing in a tropical locale. LOL


  7. In your poem I become both the girl and the fox – Fox being a translation of my maiden name…
    I really like that they pause, see each other in a non-threatening way, adding to natures voice. Thanks for finding my itty bitty spelling error – I didn’t have much time for review before posting this morning. Correction made.
    Oh your snow was rain for us last night…now we are in the 80’s – strange weather for sure!


    • Yes, it’s been snowing here for several hours, but its not sticking much….the roads have been warmed for weeks now, so it will take a day of cold before it sticks. Could be icy tonight, though, and snow is sticking on cars and yards. It’s pretty.

      Cool that you made a connection to fox. I like their interaction, too. As for the spelling error…you betcha. I prefer mine to be pointed out, so I don’t find it myself after its been out there for several days. Finger slips, darn them.


  8. I receive many compliments and encouraging words from people who enjoy my Sunday posts and it is because I found you and The Sunday Whirl. I’m pleased to be a part of this process. I love it and enjoy it immensely. Thank you. I’m continuing on with you.


  9. This is an interesting and evocative poem. I read it twice before reading your process notes. I really like what you did, and that you are able to find poems from your experiences with the children at your school. The incorporation of vivid natural imagery leaves me feeling as if a breeze just blew through my hair. Nice.


    • Thank you, Margo. The fox dropped into the piece as a use for the word “flames.” It’s interesting how the words create images on their own, images that then run through our pieces. I like those lines, too.


  10. Brenda … loved your ‘song” – have no idea where my strange tale came from – thank you as always for your delightful poetic fashioning of the words and for the lands that come from the sprinkle of your magic…. 🙂


  11. Isn’t that amazing, when someone’s voice is so lovely it is as if we are listening to music because it resonates inside. I also had a human, animal mix in mine for some reason. Brenda’s must think alike too eh! LOL
    Hope you slept.


    • Thank you for your comments, Brenda. I’m off to see your human animal mix now. I think it was last weeks that weasels showed up in my wordle piece. Maybe it’s a theme….


  12. This is a masterful poem Brenda. The human and natural landscape seem to blend, and the ending speaks in quiet volumes. It’s very interesting that your students inspire you to write so beautifully. Caw! Caw!


    • Thanks, Irene. My students inspire me in so many ways, they are amazing young people. This particular girl told me that she sent in a video to “America’s Got Talent.” I hope she makes it, I really think that she has something special.


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