a planet bemused

Permeable thought patterns
flame beneath speckled blue feet,
while serenity startles herself into anguish.

Born of stars,
the frozen earth watches, bemused,
as anguish dances across the landscape
melting a path through fields of her flesh.
Cold fresh air shocks against earth
and she laughs so hard
that she quakes.

Brenda Warren 2012

Process Notes:
The wordle words were an odd bunch for me this week. Last night I went to sleep thinking about permeable thoughts…just to tackle the word permeable. I knew before sleeping that I should take a surreal route. That I did. It flew onto my screen quickly. The only editing I did was to punctuate. To see more pieces using the words below, visitΒ The Sunday Whirl.

22 thoughts on “a planet bemused

  1. Permeable. I had trouble pronouncing and i forgot it’s meaning too. Lol! but in the end, it got change to permeates in my poem.

    Interesting poem too- love this part

    Born of stars,
    the frozen earth watches, bemused,
    as anguish dances across the landscape


  2. Strange how the words all lend themselves to thinking mother earth. The personification rocks. I like how the word “permeable” seeps into all our poems. Thanks for being the wonderful source of our inspiration, and Happy happy birthday Brenda. Marianne’s birthday poem is too wonderful–it truly is.


    • Thank you for your kind words, and birthday wishes….it was a good one (one of the best, actually!). Marianne’s poem humbles me; it made my day. I printed it out, and will read it when I need a boost. πŸ™‚ You all are so wonderful.


  3. I agree with ViV — I found the poem real and believable. Of course, that might speak to the way we see things [did you think of that, ViV?]. I’ll give you interestingly metaphorical. Yes, even the blue speckled feet πŸ˜€


  4. The only editing was to punctuate? It’s brilliant! I love that you went to sleep thinking about permeable and woke up with this amazing poem!


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