bike ride at dusk

a pervasive humming
in the shallow hollows
of my body’s geography
tickling like wingtips
vulgar and insistent
it prowls about
the edges of my dwelling
dropping claws
like shale thrumming
ridges through my
spirit’s soft song
it preens out parasites
as light seeps out my back
illuminating the falling
black feathers
that follow me home

Happy Birthday to One Shot Wednesday, and thank you for the place to post.

12 thoughts on “bike ride at dusk

  1. I liken exercise as the closet I get to my animal body … love the sense here of cycling out in the element with a nakedness that joins and then is the flock. – brendan


  2. Quite an elegaic bike ride! Beautiful descriptors bring motion and color into this as actors in the drama, and the cleansing of the last lines gives an almost physical sense of relief.


    • Thanks for your great comments. I felt the elegaic sense of the ride, too (great word, btw). I included the last lines for relief…the poem seemed a bit on the dark side to me. 🙂 I almost used white feathers, but black suited the mood of the piece better.


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