white to black gradations
corrugate lines that
gather at a central fertile nub
an amphitheater where
droplets converge to
witness light’s slow miracles

The inspiration for this piece is a picture by Adam Romanowicz. You can click on the picture to visit his website. A shout out to One Stop Poetry for an interview with Romanowicz. Visit the link for more inspired writes.

17 thoughts on “convergence

  1. nice…love the image of it as an amplitheatre for the raindrops…there is a lot of beauty to life…that it could appreciate itself is a nice thought…


  2. Great transformation of nub into amphitheater to provide a stage for the strem water droplets. Very creative and well stated. Claudia says “beautiful and dreamy.” I agree.


    • Thank you, I like it too. It did take some playing with, but when I tried to decide what the droplets gathered to witness, it fell into place. It’s kind of a dreamy morning here, birds are singing, the sun is playing about.


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