pepper me with grace

pepper me with grace
let me peer beyond shapes of surface haze
where senses unfasten perception
flitting light kisses
through spirit’s copper sands
inhaling myrrh
exhaling sandalwood
in this silent
façade of cerulean shade
pepper me with grace

This is a piece using the wordle from The Sunday Whirl. Follow the link to check out other poets’ responses to the prompt.

20 thoughts on “pepper me with grace

  1. Brenda, everyone’s already said it, but that is a great line. I like how this one goes below the surface, the facades and surface hazes to something deeper – to grace itself. Lovely.



  2. I’m with everyone: love the line “pepper me with grace”. It sets the rhythm for the whole poem. And, despite the short length of the poem, I had to look hard to find the wordle words. They worked so well, it took me a while 🙂



  3. I especially like inhaling myrrh and exhaling sandalwood. And there is not a person alive who could not benefit from being ‘peppered with grace.’


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