The Resurrection of Eve

Restrictive imagination envisions stories of lust run amok. Fueled with late night cocktails, Eve chases comfortable fantasies down familiar avenues that always end in bed alone staring at the ceiling wishing it were anything but beige. Until Play posits its challenging proposal and

intuiting illuminated spirit, lilies tilt toward her. Eve dances out a current that calls upon her blood. Gyrating, she spins and whirls— pulling spirit threads from her beginnings, from long before she ever took a breath.

Waking, Eve rocks teetering her totter in her birth’s very bed. Night’s nourishing thread fills her emptiness. Restriction lifts and Play laughs aloud, as Eve strokes its appled cheek.


The Prompt at We Write Poems came from poet Richard Walker.  First, the prompt, then I’ll tell you what I did with it. “One, select a prompt from a site like Poetic Asides, Writer’s Island, Sunday Scribblings, or One Single Impression. (Maybe even select two, letting them modify the other in some way!) This will be the topic or theme of your poem. Two, select some words from a site like Three Word Wednesday or A wordling whirl of Sundays.

Now consider the intermix of your theme/topic and your words. How might those words help you explore, expand or define your theme? Or does your topic further open, leading down unexpected avenues as you play with your set of words?

Trust your poetic intuition and imagination! Please don’t feel restricted to the “current” theme/word postings for these sites referenced. Use prior postings if that’s what most serves the new poem you’re beginning to envision. Make your poetic cocktail something comfortable, or something challenging – all your choice.”

That was the prompt. After reading Irene’s post, I shot off from her idea and selected twelve words from the above prompt to create a wordle. If you use the wordle for a poem of your own, let me know! My only other prompt to myself was to write a prose poem. So there you have it, The Resurrection of Eve.

(I did not use the word “prior.”)

20 thoughts on “The Resurrection of Eve

  1. Viv said wonderful expressions there and I agree. I like this that sets the stage for Eve..

    staring at the ceiling wishing it were anything but beige


  2. Thanks Richard. I like appled cheek, too. It deepens possible meanings. Wordles are my favorite way to write—they’re my flavor of the moment, anyway. Your prompt was a good one for me, as it left a lot of room to play. I’d been wanting to write a short prose poem, and this was the perfect opportunity. I love how we all feed off of each other in true community. Cannibal Poets (now there’s a prompt). ha!


  3. Brenda, I like how you constructed a wordle out of those words, inspired by what Irene did. Wow! You had me from the beginning with “restrictive imagination” and how Play comes into it – and Eve’s dance when she’s alone. And I love “appled cheek” – brilliant! Thanks.



  4. Oh, I like this very much Brenda. (A good christening for your new blog.) The “form”, here in prose, makes the poem more “story”, almost epic in a mere three paragraphs! So rich with images. Ha! Is it a thread or a big ball of yarn? Wonderful. I want to come back, read this again, again, many times – there’s just that much to discover here. This poem really “stretches” imagination! I like.


  5. It is subscribers on wordpress. If you go to my site, Brenda, you will see it on the top right; the widget says blog subscription. I also noticed one called recent comments which might be what you were talking about on another post/comment…somewhere I have been this morning.
    I like the prose poem very much. Love the gentle humour, love the character of Eve, which is complex but which you manage to convey in a short piece. I hope we see more of these.



  6. Wow, Brenda, that’s a tour de force. Some wonderful expressions hiding in there, though very difficult to read aloud! eg posits its.

    I’ll have a look at the followers thingy – though I think it’s called subscribers on WordPress.


    • Thanks Viv. It’s funny you mention posits its….I almost changed that for the same reason as I read almost every poem aloud to Len and noticed it, too. I left it though…but will give it more thought.

      I do see my subscribers, thanks for the tip. It was fun as a blogger member, though, to have a public display of followers on my blog. That of course is an ego thing, and I will let it go. 🙂


  7. I haven’t written anything for this prompt yet, but I did come to see your ‘new digs.’ I know what you are saying about Word Press and Blogger, but I just can’t leave. I was glad to see my ‘followers’ return though. Yesterday was a bit of a scare. You don’t have a followers’ icon here yet that I can see.


    • Thanks for stopping, Mary. I don’t know how to get a followers icon here, and am trying to decide that it’s okay not to have one. 🙂 Leggo my ego. ha! My followers keep disappearing and reappearing at blogger, too. It’s one of the “little” things that put me over the top for moving to WordPress.


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