Blaming the Victim: a Tritina

Her feelings aren’t in dispute.
How much did she have to drink?
Silence the victim numb with blame.

Shame will color dark that blame,
Her facts and slut skirt in dispute.
Ply your prey with parties and drink,

possibly plop a pill in her drink.
Fever the horizon with blame
so “stop” can be in dispute.

Dispute her blame with drink and shame.

Brenda Warren 2016

Notes: Feeling in a rut this seventh day of April, I decided to watch a documentary movie, and fit it to both Elizabeth’s prompt, and the prompt at NaPo.

NaPo prompted a poem in the form of a tritina. This consists of three tercets with repeating end words in the pattern, ABC, CAB, BCA. The tritina is finished with all three end words contained in a single line.

The documentary I watched on Netflix was The Hunting Ground. It is about the crisis of rape on college campuses. My feelings of anger and indignation after viewing this film, felt constrained by the tritina form. For me, anger is often well served with a villanelle or a pantoum.