Find a crack in language,
move into it with dissension.
Disrupt and disgruntle,
create a chasm,
a miasm.

Parse phrases into
segregated clumps of clay and

you will be the one left
holding arms and charms
and hovering swarms.
A truly cracked sorceress
conjuring confusion.
Never knowing up from down.

Turn around, you clown
let the rain make naked
your face.

Explore emptiness.

Learn to let go of
everything but breath.

Fill in those cracks
with the light
from your shine.

Brenda Warren 2014



Written for Elizabeth’s Day 3 prompt.



There’s a crack in everything
that’s how the light gets in
– Leonard Cohen

Soil me.

Let your magic hair tickle secrets from my thighs,
as you sing our ragged future through my soul.
There’s no turning back (you fine furry fuck).

You are my man. My sorcerer.
Majestic, you move through the crack in my everything.
That’s how your light gets in.
That’s how you help me breathe.

Your fingers move through the spaces of my bones
as you shoulder loose the gloaming of another well-lived day.

You are it for me, my LaLa.
If only you were home tonight,
connecting constellations
for the monkey on my back,
balancing a lotus act
along its crooked track.

Brenda Warren 2014


Written for Elizabeth’s Day 2 prompt.


April 1

Nurtured beneath time’s fecundity
bulbs root future’s potential
until a line of crocuses bursts purple
through early spring snow.
Mending white with shivering color,
a row of healing heaven
salves the icy growl of winter’s teeth.

Brenda Warren 2014









Written for Elizabeth’s Day 1 prompt.