April 1

Nurtured beneath time’s fecundity
bulbs root future’s potential
until a line of crocuses bursts purple
through early spring snow.
Mending white with shivering color,
a row of healing heaven
salves the icy growl of winter’s teeth.

Brenda Warren 2014









Written for Elizabeth’s Day 1 prompt.



9 thoughts on “April 1

  1. I love this little poem. I look forward to reading your poems this month. My life is far too stressed at the moment to participate with April poeming, but I do look forward to reading some of the poets I follow, and that includes you, of course.


  2. Brenda, Imagine this, my Dad’s favorite flower the crocus highlighted today and the work tonight on Dear Lala……..my Mother’s nickname………think this is a sign from the Divine of what a great friend and confidante you are for me! ❤ this one and I'm sure the next!


  3. Lovely start, my dear Brenda. Love the word “fecundity”. How many years is this for us doing napo together? 4? Like Marianne, my mind feels clogged, but I am going to give it my best, Michael would’ve want that from me. Hell, he would’ve expected it. lol. Happy writing, my friend.

    Pamela ox


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