How to be direct

Hackles Rise
Hisses hiss
Asses are exposed to kiss

Here. sit
Breathe in intention
Breathe out reaction
Breathe in reflection
Breathe out affection

dream yourself a bird

Breathe out feathers
preened and tattered

Remember that pheasant? Roadkill you threw in the way back?

Two weeks later, I looked for that bird and found it teaming with maggots whose wet bodies wormed round the shaft of its quills feeding on the flesh of the pheasant left for dead.
Unimportant roadkill
Thrown in the way back

What does any of this have to do with hackles and rewards?

Or how to be direct.

Evasive. That’s what it is I’ve learned to do: toss word salad.

~bwarren 23

Day Three – off prompt

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