things I tell myself

nothing will be okay

everything will

stop breathing



but yeah . . . sometimes it inspires thought

what inspires thought

cessation of breathing

what’s wrong with you

you never ask the right question

I get lost

me too



3 thoughts on “things I tell myself

  1. Talking with my son on the phone last night, he told me our entire family has a really bad habit of worrying about things that never happen. And he’s right!
    Are you posting these poems somewhere and I’ve missed them? They’re all too good for that to happen. I love reading your work.


    • I’m here. This one is fresh. I’m still processing it. Like it better out loud. But still… Sometimes April is a gift. Time is short and words come quick. Or I force them. These came quick. I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for the heart in your support.

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