A Waiting Villanelle

Expecting the worst
Toxic traces of anxiety feed on me
This waiting feels cursed

Somewhere in the universe
A prerecorded destiny
Expecting the worst

Life in reverse
A parasitic mystery
This waiting feels cursed

Let my angst traverse
This ever sliding scree
Expecting the worst

This repeating verse
Will never set me free
This waiting feels cursed

This inclination to asperse
Echoes like a banshee
Expecting the worst
This waiting feels cursed


4 thoughts on “A Waiting Villanelle

  1. Bravo, Brenda! You did it, although I don’t know how. You (and Pamela) are ah-mazing, with your super busy schedules! I love your villanelle refrains:
    “Expecting the worst
    This waiting feels cursed.”

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