A is for Alacrity
an antiquated term,

displaced in deed by indolence,
lethargy, and sloth—

displaced in phrase with eager cheer

alacrity is lost.



Note: New to ABC Wednesday, I’m looking forward to making new writing connections. To keep me going, I’ve come up with a gimmick to drive my posts. Each week, undercaws will feature an English word not in the common vernacular.

Alacrity: promptness in response :  cheerful readiness

8 thoughts on “Alacrity

  1. First of all, a very warm welcome to you as a new participant!

    I am looking forward to the words you are going to teach me…. as a Dutch person I can never learn enough from another language 😉

    Thank you for your first entry in the new home of ABC!

    Have a splendid and ♥-warming ABC-day / -week
    Melody (team abcw)


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