Dim It

Rage shimmers from the edges of your scowl.
Dark and simmering.
No room for small jokes.
No ringing bells and laughter.
Put your heart on its shelf.
There are plenty of diversions in the corridor.
Kick the dog.
Hang your face like a mirror.
Slam the door.
Stomp your feet a little louder next time.
Dance solo, snuff me out.
Mission: separation.
There is plenty of air in the room,
it just feels stifled
and dim.

Brenda Warren 2016

Notes: No dog was kicked in the writing of this poem. This poem is in response to Elizabeth’s prompt. Along with her prompt, she gave us 6 words, and I picked 6 more from the source song, Hotel California. I used eleven of the words. Candle didn’t light its way into this piece.

dark, shimmering, face, room, candle, dance
air, dim, bell, mission, corridor, plenty

4 thoughts on “Dim It

  1. Hang your face like a mirror… Haha

    I know people like this, and after a while around them, your calf muscles cramp from walking on all those eggshells, so you start stomping on them, just to stretch the kinks out eventually & say “Screw it. I’m sorry you are so miserable. I hope your misery provides you with good company. Have a nice life. Ciao!” 😀


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