Habits are running late.
You are so hard with your discursive mind.
Take three conscious breaths.
Let it be where you pause.
That gap, when you are stuck.
Drop your discursive mind.
Take three conscious breaths.
Just pause.
Be where you are,
Even if you find yourself.
Receive place with the immediacy
of sacredness.
Create that gap.
Three conscious breaths.
Just pause.
Let it be an open doorway.
Right there.
You are strong.


Brenda Warren 2016


Garden of One Thousand Buddhas   ~   BWarren

Notes: Elizabeth freed us up from prompts so we could revisit an old poem, or… ? I took this opportunity to play with some text manipulation tools. Bonsai is a site where you can enter text, and it cuts it up and regenerates it into something else. I entered an article by Pema Chodron, then copied the mixed up results into my word document. From there, I used the black highlighting tool to “erase” big chunks of text. The finished poem, Breathe, is in the word order that I received at Bonsai, I just formatted it with phrasing and line breaks. The only word I added is breathe both as title and final word.

It was an interesting exercise, and the Bonsai tools are free. Check it out!


5 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. this is a very lovely poem! I will check out the bonsai creator too! I love playing around with different styles for poetry. I used to be very stuck in my ways until I realized there is a whole lot you can do once you open your mind to experimentation! Also I recognize that photo you took of the garden of a thousand Buddhas from your photograph! What a lovely place! I was lucky to visit there last time I was in MT. 🙂


  2. Brenda, did you write this about me? Just kidding. I often forget to slow down to appreciate all that surrounds me. I am working on it. I like this a lot. A new tool to work with also. Neat!
    Pamela ox


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