Spiderword Triversen

Spider webs hang their silk like cobs
from splintered stalks of sentences
that wonder where words went wrong.

Trapped in thick thread they struggle
to capture the cadence of chaotic rain
that drenches dreams in drowning.

Silver scissors shear through shrouds,
releasing clear sprays of syllables,
luminescing like the feathers on a grackle’s neck.

Purple then black then blue they shine
swirling pieces of soul pushed like silk
through a spider’s deep duct spinneret.

Brenda Warren 2016

Notes: A poem didn’t magically appear today. It was a struggle, so I turned to a poetic form. A triversen is written in tercets, or three line stanzas. Each tercet is a sentence. The first line should be an observation or fact, while the following two lines are used to set the tone, imply an associated idea, or carry a metaphor for the original statement. A triversen should also carry the rhythm of human speech having 1 to 4 stresses per line. Use alliteration.

Elizabeth provided six words for today, along with a prompt. The words are also posted at The Sunday Whirl. This piece is not written to prompt, but it was fun to try a triversen again.


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12 thoughts on “Spiderword Triversen

  1. Purple then black then blue they shine
    swirling pieces of soul pushed like silk

    Life is such! One has to go through many obstacles but eventually the goodness shows at the conclusion. Fine words Brenda and thanks for making it possible in midweek!


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  2. I have never heard of the triversen and it is so beautiful….the alliteration is stunning and powerful!! Thank you for such a thoroughly lovely introduction to a new form 🙂


    • Thank you, Sherry. This one was such a struggle to write that it’s taking me time to appreciate it. Ha! I reread my other two triversens, and several I found online before starting this one. It was hard to pick a first line to build on for each tercet.


  3. Really like the form and how you wove it around this struggle to write daily. We are all spiders, weaving our webs of syllables. The legend goes that Spider Woman wove the web of the constellations from her own juices, and that within those angles, the people found language. I have always thought that the spider is a great totem for anyone who pursues words. Thanks for posting, and we don’t worry about staying with the prompt. We’ve been known to resist on occasion.


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