Swarming through summer
words without sound
heel toe their way across
needle and stone,
log and bone,
rotating forests
and flushing creatures,
feathered and formidable
out of magic’s cauldron
onto passion’s page.


Fluttering throaty calls
lumber around deadfall
where shadows form a hum
that hangs fear between ears
storming insistence
spreading a buzz
while words without sound
heel toe retreat
striving to thrive in silence.

Brenda Warren 2014

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Visit The Sunday Whirl

14 thoughts on “untitled

  1. This is much like an author’s sad song, well mine certainly as I contemplate the prompt words and try to get them aligned in my brain. How effective they were for you as you made them fall into place!


  2. ‘rotating forests
    and flushing creatures’ ~ make me to stop reading and ponder

    MIDDLE jUMP just made it!

    ‘heel toe retreat
    striving to thrive in silence.’ ~ calmed me down ~ peace

    Thanks for challenge, Brenda!


  3. The first is like a spell, or at the least a chant. Really gives that “Jump!” a kick. (But maybe look first, know what’s on the other side of the tree)


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