an apple

with poisonous seeds
it carries temptation

a serpent

a slither to hiss
through low hanging branches
writhes round vines
arouses your soul

an apple hangs low

so some stories go

beat a drum

Brenda Warren 2014


2 thoughts on “archetypes

  1. Oh, I like this, Brenda. Nice flow to it. It is wonderful to see you moving into the home stretch. Yay! I really missed napo with you and the others this year. I simply didn’t have it in me.

    Pamela ox


    • Thank you, Pamela. Cutting phrases from the piece, I worked hard on the rhythm. April comes every year for most of us. While we are here, we will write. It’s what we do. Sporadic contributions still spice up the soup. ❤


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