am learning to speak myself into being
make myself known
uncover the soul suckers
locked in padded corridors
sealed beneath my skin
serpents that course my life
with stories

stories of what everyone else thinks

am learning to speak myself into being
no compass
no guide
picking locks to release
dragons that conquer thinking

casting them out with words

am learning to speak myself into being
before padded corridors
become the norm

Brenda Warren 2014

Notes: The first (repeated) line is from Elizabeth Crawford Katch’s poem, Here, But For Me, There Be Dragons.  This piece came quickly (thank goodness…April grows long), and I chose not to add punctuation.  It is screaming revision at me, but time runs short.  Next month.  🙂  Although, I may make changes as I revisit it.

I observed the presentation of snakes and other amazing reptiles in a 7th grade science classroom today.  The man with the snakes mentioned a type of python called a soul sucker.  The phrase had to enter my piece today.  Soul sucker.

This is for Elizabeth’s Day 25 prompt.




3 thoughts on “speak

  1. Thank you Brenda, for brightening my day and using these words in such a delightful way. I think this month of April is a bit of a soul sucker, between the high of completing another poem, and the low of knowing it must be done again tomorrow. BTW, my dragon says ‘thank you’ as well, and wants to know if you know about the shining blue dragon who stands beside you? Blue is the color of knowledge and wisdom.



    • Whoa. Someone close to me has a blue dragon tattooed on her shoulder.

      I’m glad you find my words delightful. I cant stop thinking about the snakes I saw coiling around people today. Soul suckers. They are making me want to know them.


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