Villanelle’s Ache

A hidden ache enunciates her sway
as broken bridges sink beneath her gaze.
She gathers words within a public bray,

some purloined bones to read another day.
She mends them into limbs amid the lace.
An open ache enunciates her sway,

it sings out sounds with all she does not say.
She strives to hide the phonemes she’s displaced.
Her stitches filter out the public bray

as mending meaning takes her ache away.
She waltzes secret stories under lace
like water whirling rhythm through her sway.

Embroidering the words her heart betrays,
she craves release from graphemes’ sharp embrace,
and hides again beneath the public bray.

Sometimes her needle stitches up the day,
arranging messy words she can’t displace.
A hidden ache enunciates her sway
and keeps her secrets from the public bray.

Brenda Warren 2014


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10 thoughts on “Villanelle’s Ache

  1. Where possible it is best to be out of the limelight and the of the public’s bray. But if you are to talked about you might just as well make the story colorful! A captivating read.


  2. The repetition creates the right effect. It makes the poem lively having connected itself to many lines Wonderful write Brenda! Thanks for hosting all these while!



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