Between the Roots of Things

Dwelling between the roots of things
the body rotted, devoid of clothing,
wrapped in a bright flannel shroud
jellied in folds, moistening the soil,
an energy exchange.

Waking beneath winter
baby’s breath grew like weeds
ripening summer in white ripples of rare sweetness
defended against an age of debauchery

that left only bones and threads of brilliant cotton
to feed the tiny white flowers
breathing toward eternity.

Brenda Warren 2014

Thank you to my poet friend Elizabeth for the inspiration to keep writing, and the words provided on Day 14. She wrote a poem that I spring boarded into this piece. You can find hers here:  Down Beneath the Roots of Things.


2 thoughts on “Between the Roots of Things

  1. Does this mean that your poem is my ‘spiritual’ grandchild? I love what you did and am so glad you found what you needed in something I had written. I can actually see and hear the springboard here. And thank you most profusely. I can see the badger slouching through that field of baby’s breath, perhaps inhaling deeply, moved by that sweetness.



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