party of one

“History does not repeat itself
but it does rhyme.”
~Mark Twain

History does not repeat itself
but it does rhyme,

evoking déjà vu.

Mind drips tricks
through dryer vents
onto sidewalks
in multi-colored layers.

A brave virus
courts frames around later
where the wages of forgetting
fail to pave safe our way.

It feels like a wallflower’s dream,
a party of one
no support required.

Brenda Warren 2014

When no poem would come, I decided to use the Twain quote to wax surreal. When I gave myself permission to NOT make sense, this piece came. Don’t know if it means anything, but I like it.


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12 thoughts on “party of one

  1. Love this reflexive piece Brenda. How the dripped tricks become more real in the second verse and the third verse runs right back to that first one (dripping tricks). Each one a new layer of colors dripped from a ‘dryer’ vent. Someone made a comment on my blog today about how following the wordle list can result in a deep plunge into the subconscious mind. You did that and pulled up a treasure,



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