Missing the Groundhog’s Shadow

Open to the cadence of the crow
we cast stories across the groundhog’s hole
bucolic permutations
to stroke our common soul.

Shadows come and shadows go
across the land from clouds and sun.
At Gobbler’s Knob the shadow’s done.

Former this, potential that,
the inner circle tiptoes past
in long black coats and tall top hats
like a balance to be thrown.

This hoopla haunting Gobbler’s Knob
ignores synergy of sky and sun;
it ignores the groundhog’s shadow.

The president in top hat black
declares which scroll the groundhog picks
with a nebulous nod of its nose
a scroll that depicts
the weather to expect
it alternates the edges
of the stories that we own
with six more weeks of winter.


Brenda Warren 2014

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Visit The Sunday Whirl

16 thoughts on “Missing the Groundhog’s Shadow

  1. Brenda, this has a wonderful flow. I really enjoyed reading it. I have the day off today, it is holiday, which is much needed. I hoping for a tranquil day here, as last night was not.

    your poet friend,


  2. If that were a group of gray haired women, instead of men chasing a shadow, they’d definitely not be called anything but witches, and their predictions nothing more than feeble old wives tales. Sometimes we humans and our traditions seem so very silly. Enjoyed the read, the rhythm and tone you adopted here. Winter will end, eventually no matter how many groundhog shadows are examined.



  3. There have been times that the ground hog has been wrong!
    Conflicting reports from other local beasts. While there is snow in the forecast for Tuesday… It was warm enough for rain today which has helped to melt some of the last snow.

    Thanks for stopping by my Wordle. Have a great week! ~Jules


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