objective observer

A basket of stars
swept night’s flesh ripe
in a clever tapestry
of blinked secrets,
while her hand
nested chance
in the crotch
of his pants.

Dog saw everything.

Brenda Warren 2013


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32 thoughts on “objective observer

  1. Just read it out to Chloe and I swear she blushed. But we both laughed and enjoyed it very much. Love that you included the dog Brenda. 🙂


  2. This is surprising, fresh, and humorous. Very well done! And “crotch” is such a great word. 😉

    ~ Kelly E (a.k.a Toasterpoet)


  3. Everything? 🙂 What a delightful little poem, Brenda. You’ve said a lot in a handful of words—a skill that I envy!


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