Frenetic yet precise,
snare me.
Mimic the beat
of my soul’s underside
thrumming to the rhythm of spice
and Top tobacco.
Bells and screams
whistle their way through audience appeal
as hips sway circles
far removed from earth’s dirt floor.
Move me,
pull me below the rhythm of your sin.
Swirl me up in chocolate
reflected in chrome.
Your shining beats undo me
they get beneath my skin
pull me deep inside the rhythm of your sin.

Brenda Warren 2013

Miz Quickly asked that we respond to the following video.

7 thoughts on “Beat

  1. Brenda, pardon my French, but Nina Simone is the SHIT. I love her. She has so much power and is not afraid of appearing “unfeminine.” Her mastery is reflected in your poem – the references to “chocolate reflected in chrome…” This made me want to start gigging again. Not the video. Your poem. And that’s about the best thing I’ve felt in a long while. Thank you so much, Amy


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