The Drowning Sea

Beneath water’s churning load,
eternity splits into pieces of
before and after.
Waves tunnel caves of grief
through a crazy chattering frenzy of ocean,
swallowing villages,
indiscriminately scooping
anything into its roil.

Frothing beaches melt into a sea
that belches a mass of debris
shattering a wake of absence
with its own broken pieces
cut from before
heaped into after
moonshine and foam.

An invisible sense of delivery
from evil
giggles up from the bottom
of the deep blue sea.
Dark and alluring,
it waits.

Brenda Warren 2013


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14 thoughts on “The Drowning Sea

  1. Fantastic write. I agree with Marianne — “beneath water’s churningload, eternity splits into pieces of before and after.” Wow. What an opening! The close is dark and frightening.


  2. Brought back memories of the tsunami and the evil one waits to stir up another one!! I shudder to think that such evils lie in wait for us!!
    The turbulence, the untamed wildness and the ferocity of the ocean is so alive in your poem!!


  3. I absolutely love that last stanza, Brenda, but the whole poem moves restlessly, churning up thoughts and emotions like the sea dumping debris on shore. This one moves and doesn’t stop telling itself, not even in the waiting.

    PS sorry for being MIA these past two weeks. Having trouble writing anything that makes sense. Will try again next week.


  4. This line is brilliant, Brenda:
    “Beneath water’s churning load,
    eternity splits into pieces of
    before and after.”
    So much to love in this deeply moving poem.

    Thanks for keeping the group going in spite of your incredibly busy schedule!


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