August will come, and you will go.

for Thyra Louise

I force craving through my throat’s long passage
and place it in the vault of my chest
where nimble, it twirls
like wind dancing channels through prairie grass seas
echoing all we used to be.

Soon, each yearning will rise through my limbs
forcing me outside,
forcing me to swirl trains of thought
into the same stars you see.

We can meet to paint the night
somewhere over Indiana, or Michigan
dissipating my desire to hear you laugh
or touch your skin,
rapturing among constellations.

Fierce, you will glance back at me through Luna’s full face
hinting at the secrets her shadowed halls hold.

Brenda Warren 2013


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21 thoughts on “August will come, and you will go.

  1. Oh, secretly I hate it when I’m in England and a whole ocean apart from my children. Your poem hits very close to home. Beautifully done. 🙂


  2. Do we ever get to the point of not worrying about our nestlings. We think this one year, month, week, day, hour will always be the same…and yet time passes- we yearn for those we love, no matter how far they go. Lovely. I wish for success for your daughter whereever she goes. We have some friends children also graduating this year.

    Thanks for your visit. Your word lists always make wonderful additions to my story.


  3. I LOVE the opening: “I force craving through my throat” … And this line: “dissipating my desire to hear you laugh”


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