Pandora’s Box

The shocked aftermath of everything that hasn’t happened yet
forms a vague knot around my solar plexus
boring tunnels that transfer my attention
to improbable possibilities—
mental guests that augment doubt.

Whispered self-sabotage furiously flutters
its stigmata on my palms,
itching for detours that force debate over my value
while I open and close Pandora’s box

with a creaking slide of its slab.

Brenda Warren 2013


Process Notes: Miz Quickly provided us with a wordle today that fed this persona piece.

Click on the wordle or the 24 to go to Quickly’s place to see what other folks did with the words.


6 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box

  1. /A clever twist on the wordle words. For pretty well the first time ever, I was unable to post what I wrote with these words, so the success of your poem aroused my heartfelt admiration!


  2. Brenda, I really enjoyed where the words took you.”Pandora’s box” indeed. I always love to see where people go with the words. I have read about eggs, a car accident nightmare and now I am off to see what else while the señorita dances on the beach 🙂 And you said I am NOT crazy 🙂



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