Earth Day Invasion (?)

Extraterrestrials exhibit
Antipathetic “vibes”

Detonated suspicion
Annihilates even their

Brenda Warren 2013


Process Notes: Dark and horrible, this little ditty came quickly. It is an acronym piece. Earth Day was my only prompt (read down the left column). My hope for humanity dissipates before my eyes (on any given day, I am quite happy, even now for instance).

But let me remind you, we are parasites on Earth.  As a whole, we do her little favor.

Grow a garden, make our mother happy.

6 thoughts on “Earth Day Invasion (?)

  1. Brenda, thanks for visiting me recently. I’m going to give you a link, only because you will laugh your butt off…

    Meantime, I could not agree with you more. I think the word “parasites” describes us, truly. Look at the USA. In little more than 200 years, Europeans have destroyed what the First Nations successfully tended for hundreds, thousands of years. We’d better get a move on, but I’m pretty pessimistic about this, as the govt. is in the hands of insanely rich people, and they have been bought off by OTHER insane insanely rich people.

    Sorry to be a buzzkill, so here is the cheerful poem, hope you like it. An exact repro of Shakespeare’s Hamlet soliloquy, but it’s about when I was overweight! Love, Amy


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