Spirit Soup on Sunday

for The Sunday Whirl

Our mighty words unwind
often bold and searching,
saturating spirit,
casting splendor across thresholds of thought.

Gardens bloom beneath our fingers
making skeptical syllables sigh.

Some embellish words to the nines
some place them


(or aside).

Sundays in springtime bring gardens.
Last fall’s election brought swords.
Our words spark and ignite
as we tumble together
smudging our spirits with Sundays.

Pieces tumble onto pages
as the journey takes control and our words
speak from that murky place
where soul resides,
making spirit soup on Sunday
where all these poets whirl.

Brenda Warren 2013

Process Notes:
A little soup for day 14 of NaPoWriMo. This piece is dedicated to all the great poets who write with me each week at The Sunday Whirl. Thank you all for supporting me here and there. You fill me up.



I just posted this and realized that it is my 200th post at undercaws.  Caw!  Caw!


39 thoughts on “Spirit Soup on Sunday

  1. I’d like to think that we are al, each of us symbols spicing up every line of your poem. All together making sense, laughing, drinking tea or coffee, and smiling knowing that we mean so very much to each other.

    A toast to our hostess! Cheers, make that three! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!


  2. Some embellish words to the nines

    You know, I sometimes I feel like I’m doing that with the poems I write for the group. But I know, I’m just challenging myself to go further with the poems.

    Wonderful poem, great tribute of us slightly mad poets.


  3. I like the idea of us tumbling together as in a washing machine. I’m in a completely different time zone so have been watching my washing tumble like the chosen words. Luckily all my socks came out as did the words in my piece. It is a joy to post to your prompts each week.


  4. As you already know, I’m so glad you came into my sphere. Love what you did with the words, they seemed to suggest something about writing and it looks like several caught the hint. Here’s to many more weeks of wordles Brenda (did you ever think you’d hear me say that?). My angst is simply natural rebellion, I’ve learned too much here to walk away ignorant. Thank you, Brenda,



  5. Two years! HUZZAH! I agree with Misk, “last fall’s elections brought swords,” and, unfortunately, we may be headed for guns with all the militia wackadoodles out there. Liked the editing reference in the beginning… something I need to work on! I answered an ekphrastic with the Dozen, then realized I used “sign” instead of “sigh.” *siiiiigh* Love, Amy


    • Sign, sigh, pffff…no big deal. Thank you for engaging with my text, Amy. Your comments are thoughtful. I hope we aren’t headed for guns, but it does seem to be a worldwide trend. Your poem is a great response to that painting.


    • Oh pshaw… You inspire me to be a better writer Pamela. Your rich use of metaphor is something I strive for. Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate our communication through poetry.


  6. oh my goodness, Brenda…love this…especially “casting splendor across thresholds of thought”. I just read and reread this several times…love the sound of it and the warmth of it. You have fostered a great place for us all to whirl with words every Sunday (or…for me, lately, later in the week!). Great big cyber hug to you from South Texas!! ❤


  7. Very nice tribute to the whirlers! I loved several phrases in this one, but I think I especially liked the alliteration and thought behind: making skeptical syllables sigh.


  8. Brenda: Thank YOU for facilitating this amazing group of writers and for keeping us together and going strong, for two years, on top of everything else you do. Quite a remarkable achievement! I truly look forward to your wordle prompts each week. To your new poem, Spirit Soup on Sunday, and to all of our poems collectively, to learning how to be better writers, to be more thoughtful and creative, I raise my glass (coffee mug) to you, and to all of us! WOO-HOO!


  9. There’s something about this phrase that stuck with me, “Sundays in springtime bring gardens.
    Last fall’s election brought swords.” It’s quite marvellous


    • Thank you, Misky. I liked that part too, and thought it would be interesting to explore it further. I just read your piece, where you weed out words…one of those great springtime metaphors.


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