Buds flesh out spring blessings—
reveries under jars
tentacles climbing glass
casting about stars
melting years eternal
teasing ashes.

Stroke their ancient tentacles,
as their reveries slip into bloom.

Brenda Warren 2013


Process notes:
After reading Quickly’s prompt (click on the hatched 12), I cut two lines from several poems that I’ve written this month and pasted them in the cut up machine at Language is a Virus. This resulted after several revisions (extensive cutting) on my part, but I did not alter the word order of the cut-up.  I did add the words “into bloom” to tie it up at the end. Thanks for the prompt Miz Quickly, it made my life easy tonight.

7 thoughts on “Buds

  1. This is really lovely. Buds are so hopeful .. and brimming with promise. I’m longing for spring this year. Winter has seemed endless and we just got about 8+ inches of new snow yesterday.


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