Hightower Station


Gas – Edward Hopper 1940

Damn gloaming—
every day it
ambers up them weeds
looking like the head o’ hair
Louise sports.

She fills up 2 or 3 times a week
at the precise moment
them weeds
match her hair.

Louise Hightower,
that’s what Harold wants to call her.
Yep, that’s right.
His wife.
But instead he hides behind his gas pumps
watching her come through with every
Tom, Dick, and Harry
this side of Kingdom Come.

Come on, Louise.

Where is she?

Harold fiddles with the pump handle
thinking about Louise’s dark polished nails
wrapping around its girth.

He hates the wait
but relishes every moment
she strokes the handle
filling up her tank.


Brenda Warren 2103


Written to Miz Quickly’s Day 10 prompt: Hopper’s painting.

10 thoughts on “Hightower Station

  1. Nice girth girlfriend……………Hooper is one of my fav painters of all time………….no way you missed this…………..fill ‘er up!


  2. Woo-Wee! Love what you’ve done with this prompt. You’ve painted quite an erotic scene, at least that’s how I’ve interpreted it. 🙂 We’re one third of the way done, but who’s counting!


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