spin your truth

Dervishes revolve in harmony with both stars and cells
invoking God in everything that exists.
Vermin. Heretics. Words used by humans who lack
understanding and house narrow minds.
Lies hide secrets to appease the greater populace,
governed by bullies disguised as leaders who
invoke fear, scattering fringe elements.
Not being true to your own ideals
generates hypocrisy.
Spin your truth like the dervish
erode tyranny with tenacity
like rivers spread canyons through stone.
Fight oppression with honest expression.

Brenda Warren 2013


Miz Quickly’s is a click away.

Process Notes:
Miz Quickly prompted us to follow the form found here. The phrase divulging self is the acrostic I used to guide the piece. From there I opened my trusty purple dictionary to the letter “d” and put my finger on a word, dervish. That word along with the acrostic guided the content of the piece. It’s not my favorite but it works. And hey, Day 8 is complete with a poem to post.

7 thoughts on “spin your truth

  1. I know this is meant to be thoughtful, but it is also a delight for the tongue when read aloud. Yes, we will always have bullies, because there will always be those who are so insecure they must constantly test themselves (and their power) at the expense of others. Thanks for being here,



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