Belle of the Ball

Looking for a place
to hide away her heart,
she floats across the dance floor,
waltzing all alone.
Her lemony chiffon gown
brushes the beaus
of other beauties at the ball.

The women watch her warily.
The men are mesmerized,
their attempts to cut in,
She desires her dream lover’s arms
to lift her as she swirls.

He whispers tender mercies,
reveries delivered
casting stars into her eyes.
Invisibility is charming—
her partner’s clever disguise.

Brenda Warren 2013


Miz Quickly prompted us to shuffle an iTunes playlist and write down the first five songs. Quickly says, “Song title one tells you your subject. Number two tells you something to hide (however you want to interpret that). Within the text of the poem, include the other three titles—word for word.”

I used a playlist of Eliza Gilkyson songs and these were the first five after a shuffle:

Belle of the Ball
Looking for a Place
Dream Lover
Tender Mercies
Clever Disguise

11 thoughts on “Belle of the Ball

  1. nice one, brenda!
    and you hid the song titles very well — had to go hunting.

    I like how this popped up on my tab thing at the top (you know, that bookmark thing on the computer screen? I’m so technical) it says — Belle of the Ball | undercaws. 😀


  2. Oh I like that …looking for a place…on the dance floor. Not being adept with music, I also have two left feet. So if you ever see me headed to the dance floor make lots of room if you want to save your toes.

    Thanks for your visit.


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