Prosthetic Conscience

Looking like a fleet of frisbees
Abundance of Onslaught
(redundant or not)
will ascend beyond heaven.
Refreshingly unconcerned
with the vulgar exigencies of friendship,
it will carry the common cold virus.
Washington diplomats ran out of tissues,
Handkerchiefs are no longer in vogue,
The loudmouth senator with blue hair declares,
“If we send out the common cold, they will cure it!”
She sneezes to a round of applause.

Brenda Warren 2013

napo2013button1Day 4 Notes:  The NaPo prompt for the 4th (click button) asked participants to choose from a list of a spaceship names from science fiction novels by Scottish writer Iain M. Banks.  Three of the names appear in this piece:  Abundance of Onslaught (the fleet sent out into space), Refreshingly Unconcerned With the Vulgar Exigencies of Veracity(changed to friendship), and the title, Prosthetic Conscience.  How could anyone in good conscience send the common cold virus out in a fleet?  Really?  So here you have it, a slightly absurd poem for the fourth.

8 thoughts on “Prosthetic Conscience

  1. Brenda, at first I thought this was a different kind of cento poem. Then it turns out that it sort of it just that. Love the names and where they took you. A sneeze, indeed! Thanks for the visit,

    PS You almost got a recipe for Taco Pie that I forgot I’d copied and pasted for my daughter.


  2. A quirky poem that I enjoyed, Brenda. Especially that ending, oh dear 🙂

    btw, thanks for letting me know you didn’t write to Miz Q’s place today.


  3. I looked at this prompt and thought it was way beyond my ability! You’ve written to it beautifully! Your first line is wonderful! I don’t often get to use the word ‘droll’ (unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement!) but I think it fits here perfectly! As in, “This is so very droll, my dear!” 🙂


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