she whistles a wish
through lush red lips
to usher in
the morning

I only want enough again

figure thin
it whispers wind
with interest in
her mourning

I only want enough again

bust it up
dis mantle it
fill it in with sweet

I only want enough again

miserable wishes
become rotten fishes
that swim straight
to the heart
of her soul
wishes like dishes
hold feasts
not delicious
that fuss
until she lets go

I only want enough again

enough means
letting go

Brenda Warren 2013

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17 thoughts on “enough

  1. Dang, girl, you did whip those words into shape, lol. Well done, my friend. I am very late reading with Candlemas, Super Bowl and today was a holiday, so, I am now just getting round to read you lovely folk.



  2. Gosh, I thought it was just me but these words are eliciting melancholia in more people. I really enjoyed the short sharpness of this Brenda. 🙂


  3. Brenda, I like what you did with “wishes” and “enough” – those two words conjure up so much. I also like “feasts / not delicious” and that repeated line with “again”.



  4. If only ‘enough’ – but each of us has our own definition.
    I really like this. I think there is a blogger whose tag line is ‘I wish you enough.’

    I was a bit confused by the Mr. LInky change. But as I make visits I see it really isn’t that different. Just a very cold splash in the face of morning that I wasn’t prepared for. So I posted my links in the Reply section like I have always done as a back up.

    My non-story verse is here:

    I went time traveling to ‘Salem’ …


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