The Sharp Words’ Wish

Post-argument pain beats through hollow hearts
like birds behind bars fluttering nowhere.
Leaping words cascade into rocky landscapes
and dry woods rise between eyes.

Although in the distance
a brook’s current glistens deliverance,
phantom pain persists, pulling its chest up,
righting its wronged regality,
denying deliverance into love’s sweet flow.

Eventually, the current rubs smooth words
hanging out there, all craggy and sharp
wishing they’d never been said.

New moments peer up through earth in the wood,
shining there, lighting the dark.

Brenda Warren 2012

Visit The Sunday Whirl.

Process Notes:  The first line originally read “phantom pain;” I changed it to “post-argument pain” to provide a richer context.

17 thoughts on “The Sharp Words’ Wish

  1. I’ve finally written my piece for #82 and haven’t made the rounds yet (and not sure if I’m going to be able to — the joys of PAD and the Holidays coming)…I wonder how many wrote of phantom pain (that’s where I took the word, as well).

    Loved the 3rd stanza…nicely done!


  2. Thanks again for a fun wordle Brenda. I like what you created with the words. it is so much fun to see where we each go with these! Write on!


  3. Phantom pain must be awful. When you read about an amputee still feeling the limb and they pain they experience. The birds fluttering behind bars is a sad image. This is pretty dark and yet, you leave us the beauty in the flowing brook and the hope which comes in new moments peeping through the wood to light the dark.


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