bzzzzz ~ Trifextra: Week 30

Buzzing through dreams,
she mosquitoes in circles
around clouds of unsuspecting dreamers
snug in fluffy beds.

She whispers chants into their heads,
and stings them with ideas
that she wants them to spread.

Brenda Warren 2012

A shout out to Trifecta, for this prompt:
This weekend we want you to write a 33-word response using the name of an animal as a verb. Some examples are: to dog, to snake, to bear, to duck. . .you get the idea. Write about anything you want and use whichever verb tense you need, but give us an animal as a verb in there somewhere. Let’s see if we can discover new things by looking from a different perspective.

28 thoughts on “bzzzzz ~ Trifextra: Week 30

  1. When do the words for Wordle get posted? I want to join in on the fun.
    The subject of mosquitoes gives me the heebie jeebies with West Nile disease being so prevalent this summer. But I do appreciate your perspective of them in your poem!


    • The wordle is at The Sunday Whirl. If you like it on Facebook, you’ll get the early words on Friday nights. The Whirl has a Mister Linky.

      Thanks for your comments…and do come to The Whirl. There’s also a link directly to The Sunday Whirl in my next poem.


  2. That’s a bug I like to squish, but I love your poem. When I wake up with crazy ideas, I’ll blame them on the mosquitoes that visit me in my sleep.

    I wonder if they’ll give me access to laptop and the internet in the mental hospital…


  3. Mosquitos drive me NUTS! You just know they’re there so they are definitely distrupting your dreams. And I hate anything that interferes with mine. Great read!


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