A Digital Immigrant’s Tale

Digital immigrant sitting
with iPhone 4s in her hand,
seriously thinks of quitting,
as if Siri can understand.
It misinterprets each command.
Its voice leaves her fit to be tied.
The clerk its praises should remand,
he opened his mouth and he lied.

Brenda Warren 2012

Shout out to Gemma who provided the prompt at Dverse Poets Pub. Here are the parameters for a Huitain:

It is a poem in a single Ballade stanza.
The verse form was most popular in the 16th century and was often used for epigrams in the 18th century. One source suggests the Huitain may have begun in Spain.
The basic layout is:
Line length: 8 (French) or 10 (English) syllables
Rhyme scheme: ababbcbc
Number of lines:8

9 thoughts on “A Digital Immigrant’s Tale

  1. LOL, Brenda. I have the 4s as well and find Siri absolutely useless. ( I am also with Gay on the auto-correct.) I wonder if Siri will still exist on the iPhone 5 when it appears, or whether Siri will be retired.


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